Beaufort 2006

Baby’s, David Černý

Baby's - David Cerny
00 About the work of art

Humor with a wink to politics are the basic ingredients of the work by Czech artist David Černý. On the roof and around the façade of Blankenberge’s casino one can see three babies that he made on the occasion of Prague Cultural Capital 2000. The giant faceless babies with oversized heads overlook the sea from the casino. A vertical barcode replaces the babies' chubby cheeks and big eyes, symbolizing the dehumanization of society. By the way, these aren't the only Černý babies in the world, In Prague, Černý’s hometown, 9 gigantic Babies are climbing the Zizkov Television Tower.

Materials Polyester
Dimensions 3 x (340 x 100 x 260 cm)
00 Location
Location Facade of the casino building, Zeedijk 150
Route planner

Close by: 

  • In between cycle nodes 80 and 76
  • Tram stop Blankenberge Station (700 m)


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