De Panne
Beaufort 2012

Boundaries Of Infinity, Norbert Francis Attard

Boundaries of Infinity - Norbert Francis Attard
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In the square in front of the town hall of De Panne, you can admire a concrete body of water and a vertical sculpture by Maltese artist and architect Norbert Francis Attard. The proportions of both elements are based on the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical sequence beginning with 0 and 1, of which each subsequent digit is the sum of the two previous digits. Referring to the perfect proportions of the golden ratio, this sequence is very common in nature. The well-known spiral, which also appears in the sculpture, symbolizes the perfect form, the infinity of nature and the greatness of the sea. The municipality of De Panne bought the work and integrated it permanently in the town hall square.

Materials Concrete and water fountain
Dimensions ca. 1300 x 2170 cm
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Location Town hall, Zeelaan 21
De Panne
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Close by: 

  • In between cycle nodes 50 and 76 
  • Tram stop De Panne Esplanade (500 m)


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