Beaufort 2003

Caterpillar + Flatbed Trailer, Wim Delvoye

Caterpillar + Flatbed Trailer - Wim Delvoye
00 About the work of art

The Caterpillar by Wim Delvoye has been on the sea wall of Middelkerke since 2003. The copy that is now on display, however, is not the original one. The original work moved that same year to Ground Zero in New York. The current Caterpillar has been around since 2004 and was given a spectacular extension in May 2019 with the accompanying Flatbed Trailer. Together they form a new, impressive 21-meters long artwork. Caterpillar + Flatbed Trailer belongs to Delvoyes Caterpillar series from 2002. With this collection of remarkable construction machines, he forges a timeless melting point between the past and the present. In this work, the caterpillar tractor symbolizes modern times and the decorative patterns of a Gothic church represent the medieval world.

Materials Corten steel
Dimensions ca. 450 x 250 x 2100 cm
00 Location
Location Sea wall between Louis Logierlaan and Octave Van Rysselbergheplein
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Close by:

  • In between cycle nodes 81 and 60
  • Tram stop Westende Belle Vue (550m) or Middelkerke Krokodil (280m)


Discover the work of art via the Central Coast cycle route


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00 Caterpillar + Flatbed Trailer