De Panne
Beaufort 2003

Christophorus, Gerhard Lentink

Christophorus - Gerhard Lentink
00 About the work of art

In the dunes of De Panne you will find the monumental Christophorus by the Dutch artist Gerhard Lentink. Evoking the history of the legendary giant, the sculpture is five times larger than life-size. The patron saint of travelers, Christophorus or Saint Christopher carried pilgrims across a wide, dangerous river. The giant's torso, transformed into a seat, therefore refers to this legend. Christophorus crosses the capricious dune area, as if he were crossing the wild swell of the sea. He is the great border-crosser in a changeable transition area between land and sea, between solid and liquid. Over time, the wood of the wading giant, present since the first edition of Beaufort, developed a beautiful gray patina.

Materials Wood, steel
Dimensions 690 x 300 x 421 cm
00 Location
Location Corner of Dynastielaan and E. Verhaerenlaan
De Panne
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  • Cycle node 50
  • Tram stop De Panne centrum (2km)


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