Beaufort 2006

De man die de boot zag in de lucht, Jean Bilquin

De man die de boot zag, in de lucht - Jean Bilquin
00 About the work of art

On Zeebrugge beach, you can see The Man Who Saw The Boat, In The Air. The three-ton structure rests on 10-meter-high trestles that weigh at least as heavy as the boat itself. The work seems to float above the surf. In order for the colossus not to sink, it was necessary to pump the water from the subsoil. The 13-meter-long canoe carries unrecognizable and frail human figures, who seem to be at the mercy of the waves. The whole symbolizes the journey of life with ups and downs, as we all experience. A little further on, a mysterious figure is watching in the direction of the boat. Literally a split figure of concrete with a polished white metal head.

Materials Concrete, plaster
Dimensions 1240 x 1476 x 611 cm
00 Location
Location Beach near Icarus Surfclub, Zeedijk 50
Route planner

Close by:

  • Cycle node 33
  • Tram stop Zeebrugge Strand (850 m)


00 De man die de boot zag