De Haan-Wenduine
Beaufort 2018

Eternity – Poseidon, Xu Zhen

Eternity-Posseidon - Xu Zhen
00 About the work of art

Chinese artist Xu Zhen was inspired by the Artemision Bronze, a Greek sculpture dating from 460 BC, representing either Poseidon or Zeus. Until today, it’s not clear whom. He reproduced the statue and placed several Peking ducks, a cultural symbol of China, on the giant’s arms. As in the rest of The Eternity Series, he blends elements of Western and Eastern cultures. With this work, Xu Zhen recognizes the reluctance between Europe and China regarding cultural exchanges, and he emphasizes that historical interpretations are not as defining as often thought. The fact that it is still unclear whether the statue represents Poseidon or Zeus is proof of this.

Materials Bronze, granite base
Dimensions 230 x 220 x 70 cm, granite base 60 x 130 x 70 cm
00 Location
Location Sea wall near Prinses Josephinelaan
De Haan-Wenduine
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