Beaufort 2012

I Can Hear It, Ivars Drulle

I Can Hear It - Ivars Drulle
00 About the work of art

You can walk around it and touch it. You can listen and observe. Latvian artist Ivars Drulle expects the audience to interact with his objects. With I Can Hear It he gives the spectator the chance to step out of the everyday hustle and bustle and become one with the natural power of the sea. Two huge horns, like those of old gramophones, are facing the sea. At the back, you will find a bronze female on a bench, listening to one of the horns. On the bench next to her there is one place left. Feel free to have a seat next to her and listen to the wind on the beach, the passing seagulls and the sound of the waves, through the second horn.

Materials Steel, bronze, concrete
Dimensions 2 x (1300 x 400 cm)
00 Location
Location Beach near The Grand Hotel Bellevue, Zeedijk 300
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Close by

  • In between cycle nodes 60 and 81
  • Tram stop Westende Belle Vue (210 m)


Discover the work of art via the Central Coast cycle route


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