Beaufort 2009

Le Vent Souffle Où Il Veut, Daniel Buren

Le Vent Souffle Où Il Veut - Daniel Buren
00 About the work of art

Along the harbor channel and on the Kromme Hoek, hikers and cyclists take advantage of the colorful view offered by the work of French artist Daniel Buren called Le Vent Souffle Où Il Veut. One hundred flagpoles with the same number of weather vanes form the impressive work of art that is also visible to the boat crews, sailing in and out of the channel. Whoever walks or plays between the masts gets a completely different view of the work, as if you were in a colored forest. Buren chose ten different RAL colors that he had mounted to the masts in alphabetical order: from dark blue to purplish red to meadow green. Burens in-situ work comes to full effect in the (windy) outside air.

Please note: during wintertime the flags are brought indoors to protect them from the elements.

Materials Aluminium, polyester weathercocks
Dimensions 100 x (1200 x diam. 60 cm), polyester weathercocks 100 x (200 x 60 cm)
00 Location
Location Across the promenade, Royal Yacht Club, Krommehoek
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Close by:

  • In between cycle nodes 82 and 67
  • Tram stop Nieuwpoort Cardijnlaan (650 m)


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