De Panne
Beaufort 2018

Monument for Cervus Vitalis #2 (Malus Sylvestris), Stief DeSmet

Monument for Cervus Vitalis #2 (Malus Sylvestris) - Stief Desmet
00 About the work of art

A life-size bronze deer statue sits proudly at the Markey ponds in the heart of the nature reserve Garzebekeveld. The sculpture is made by Stief DeSmet, whose work is often situated on the border between nature and culture. The fragmented deer symbolizes the human propensity to want to tame nature. The artist was inspired by the somewhat kitsch statues found in small gardens in front of Flemish houses, a tradition that seems to want to master nature. His unfinished deer statue resists the sober design of the parks. Thanks to the reflection on its polished parts, the work blends perfectly into the environment and breaks the artificial border between man and the environment.

Materials Bronze, concrete base
Dimensions 190 x 260 x 145 cm, base 50 x 200 x 110 cm
00 Location
Location Nature reserve Garzebekeveld, Markey Ponds, Vijverstraat, Adinkerke
De Panne
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00 Monument for Cervus Vitalis #2 (Malus Sylvestris)