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Monument For A Wullok, Stief DeSmet

Monument For A Wullok - Stief Desmet
00 About the work of art

Every whelk or "wullok" in West Flemish is a work of perfection, shaped by the secret logic of the sea. The shells are formed according to the rules of the golden ratio, in perfect proportions. Stief DeSmet tried to reproduce a whelk in its natural form, but realized that he would lose out. Monument For A Wullok is an ode to the power, the untamable character and the secrets of the sea. He returns the sculpture to nature and lets the sand and the salty sea air triumph over the bronze. The bronze becomes green and rough, contrasting with its smooth interior, in which we (as a child) can hear the sound of the sea. The visible welds and casting traces force us to be humble towards nature, the superior "maker".

Materials Bronze, concrete base
Dimensions 460 x 250 x 250 cm
00 Location
Location End of Westelijke Strekdam (Western breakwater), near Zeeheldenplein
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  • Tram stop Oostende Marie José-plein (1,5 km)


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