Beaufort 2018

The Navigator Monument, Simon Dybbroe Møller

The Navigator Monument - Simon Dybbroe Møller
00 About the work of art

Those who still know Netscape Navigator will recognize the logo of the former Internet browser in the work of Danish artist Simon Dybbroe Møller. In the late 1990s, Netscape lost its leading position to Microsoft Explorer during "the first browser war." Today's modern expeditions in the online world carry names such as Explorer and Safari. Dybbroe Møller cast the digital ship rudder logo in bronze, which will eventually become as green as the original Netscape logo, due to the salty environment. The North Sea as a backdrop for the work is very appropriate, since the physical cables of the internet are just below the water surface.

Materials Bronze
Dimensions 500 x 1000 x 60 cm
00 Location
Location Beach near Beach Club De Kwinte, Koning Ridderdijk 100
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  • Cycle node 81
  • Tram stop Westende Bad (700 m)


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