Beaufort 2012

Olnetop, Nick Ervinck

Olnetop - Nick Ervinck
00 About the work of art

Olnetop by Nick Ervinck has something monstrous. Although you can recognize different elements in the hybrid form, the installation mainly refers to splashing waves. The Belgian artist is inspired by the natural dynamics of seawater that crashes into the breakwaters with a constant force. With his work he tries to capture the sublime violence that hides behind a serene surface. Based on a macro photographic image, Olnetop is an encounter between nature and technology. Ervinck calls it a virtual sculpture, the result of a 100% digital design, which is not carved out of stone nor cut out of wood, but still tangible thanks to the polyester version.

Materials Polyester, PVC foam, steel
Dimensions 850 x 615 x 705 cm
00 Location
Location Dunes near Grand Hotel Bellevue and Octave van Rysselbergheplein
Route planner

Close by:

  • In between cycle nodes 81 and 60 
  • Tram stop Westende Belle Vue (300 m)


Discover the work of art via the Central Coast cycle route


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