Beaufort 2018

Really Shiny Things That Don’t Really Mean Anything, Ryan Gander

Really Shiny Things That Don’t Really Mean Anything - Rayn Gander
00 About the work of art

A large ball made up of shiny steel objects that seem to have no function, it’s the work by the Brit Ryan Gander, in front of the town hall of Koksijde. Although giving no well-defined explanation about the meaning of the sculpture, hence the title of the work, the artist does welcome the fact that each spectator will find in it his own interpretation. According to him, these interpretations will give the work a new dimension. Depending on the place and the context in which it is exhibited, the work will change radically and will have a different meaning for everyone. Gander does say that humans like shiny things, because it is inherent to our species to be fascinated by our own reflection and a parallel reality.

Materials Stainless steel , concrete base
Dimensions diam. 220 cm, base 150 x 150 x 150 cm
00 Location
Location Square in front of the town hall, Zeelaan 303
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  • Cycle node: 74
  • Tram stop Koksijde Bad (230 m)


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00 Really Shiny Things That Don’t Really Mean Anything