De Haan-Wenduine
Beaufort 2018

Signal Bell, Jason Dodge

Signal Bell - Jason Dodge
00 About the work of art

Please note: this (poetic) work is installed on a private estate and is intended to be admired and heard from a distance. Please don’t enter the Zeepreventorium domain.

American artist Jason Dodge has installed a bell on the campus of the Zeepreventorium, a rehabilitation center welcoming 200 children suffering from a chronic illness. This type of bell is normally used to communicate between ships or between the sea and the mainland. Here, the bell is mounted on campus with a sea view, so that the children can ring it when they want to communicate with passing boats. The tinkling sound will make the other inhabitants of De Haan aware of their neighbors’ presence in the Zeepreventorium, whom they rarely see. 

00 Signal Bell