De Panne
Beaufort 2009

Twin Stations, Matt Mullican

Twin Stations - Matt Mullican
00 About the work of art

During his first visit to Belgium, American artist Matt Mullican developed a real fascination for The Coastal Tram and especially for the 67-kilometer railway line along the Belgian coast. Twin Stations is a series of fifteen cast iron plates in which we can distinguish the physical properties of railway lines. The artist came up with his own cosmological system in order to bring order to chaos. In Twin Stations, the visitor recognizes pictograms and maps that could be used at stations and airports. Matt Mullican uses simplified symbols to point the way through his imaginary cosmic system. Purchased by De Lijn, his work has been in the De Lijn tram depot in De Panne since 2009.

Materials Cast-iron plates
Dimensions 15 x (42 x 59,4 x 2 cm) and 1 x (84,1 x 59,4 x 2 cm)
00 Location
Location Tram depot, Loskaai 15
De Panne
Route planner

Close by:                 

  • Cycle node 50
  • Tram stop De Panne Esplanade (230 m)


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