Beaufort 2012

The Wanderer, Melita Couta

The Wanderer - Melita Couta
00 About the work of art

For her bronze statue, the Greek-Cypriot artist Melita Couta was inspired by a mythological figure from ancient Greece. The fauna, or phaunos in Greek, is half-human half-goat and is known as the god of the forest. On the occasion of Beaufort, The Wanderer was overlooking the sea. In the meantime, the work has been given a new location. His golden horn (The Horn of Plenty) refers to St. Elmo's fire, a light phenomenon appearing on the masts of ships, created by electric discharge. Seafarers interpreted this as a sign that their prayers had been heard. When the fire appeared, the storm died down. Protecting them against ghosts and water spirits like the screaming Nekker of Koksijde, The Wanderer is the patron saint of fishermen.

Materials Bronze, steel
Dimensions 600 x 185 x 60 cm
00 Location
Location Located on the corner of Westdiephelling - Albert I laan
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  • In between cycle nodes 88 and 96
  • Tram stop Oostduinkerke Duinpark (160 m)


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