Date 03 March 2020

Beaufort Beach Clean up

Beaufort Beach Clean Up
00 Beaufort Beach Clean Up

The unique aspect of Beaufort is largely due to the magnificent setting of the Coast. Beach and sea form a beautiful backdrop during this unique experience. We are therefore driven by a deep respect for nature.

A visit to the Beaufort Sculpture Park is completely free. We only ask you to enter our open-air museum with the necessary care. If you go on a trip, please consider the environment as well: preferably opt for environmentally friendly means of transport and don’t leave any waste behind.

Would you like to contribute to clean beaches?

In certain coastal tourism offices you can, while supplies last, get a free Beaufort Beach Clean Up Kit, with the perfect tools to collect litter during your trip. After your visit to Beaufort, dispose of the collected litter in one of the many beach waste bins. Our beaches thank you!

00 Distribution points

Distribution points Beaufort Beach Clean Up kit

The kits will be available from 05/15 onwards at following distribution points: 

  • Tourism office De Panne: Zeelaan 21, 8660 De Panne
  • Tourism office Koksijde: Zeelaan 303,8670 Koksijde
  • Tourism office Nieuwpoort: Hendrikaplein 11, 8620 Nieuwpoort
  • Tourism office Middelkerke: Joseph Casselaan 1, 8430 Middelkerke
  • Tourism office Bredene: Kapelstraat 76, 8450 Bredene
  • Tourism office De Haan: Tramlijn-Oost, 8420 De Haan
  • Tourism office Blankenberge: Hoogstraat 2, 8370 Blankenberge
  • Tourism office Zeebrugge: Zeedijk, 8380 Zeebrugge


Don't worry: we don't want to contribute to the growing mountain of waste ourselves. All materials in this clean-up kit are recyclable and compostable* and can be thrown in the bin with a clear conscience.

*box: 100% recycled CO² neutral paper
*waste bag: 100% recycled PE plastic waste, of which more than 50% from household waste. The proceeds go to ocean cleaning research. 
*gloves:  PLA (biodegradable plastic from lactic acid from agricultural crops such as corn and sugar cane)