Date 29 September 2022

New curator for Beaufort 2024

00 New curator for Beaufort 2024

Beaufort, the Art Triennial by the Sea, will be in its eighth edition in 2024. During the consultation of the coastal mayors it was decided to again strongly support the Art Triennial by the Sea. The coastal municipalities and the Province of West Flanders jointly support the well-known open-air exhibition. Els Wuyts is the new curator. The provincial company Westtoer takes over the coordination for the third time.

In 2024 the Triennial will remain faithful to its core DNA: "After more than 20 years Beaufort is a fixed value on the contemporary art calendar. The art project gives the Coast an international allure and since 2003 has chosen qualitative works that can also be integrated in public space long term. This is how we are sustainably developing the Coast into a strong cultural-touristic attraction," says Sabien Lahaye-Battheu, deputy and president of Westtoer.                              

In the participating coastal municipalities, new artistic projects will be realized to allow a wide audience of culture lovers, residents, and tourists to discover contemporary art with a sea view.

"The coastal municipalities are very happy that the tradition of Beaufort will be continued. The art triennial by the sea has become part of the DNA of the Coast. Together with the province we are joining hands to prepare a strong edition of Beaufort by 2024, despite the difficult times," explains the chairman of the coastal mayors' consultation Marc Vanden Bussche.

New curator                                                                                   
For this eighth edition, Els Wuyts will be the new curator. Els Wuyts was part of the curatorial team for Triennial Bruges 2021 and is involved with HISK / Higher Institute of Fine Arts as general coordinator. In addition to her work as a freelance exhibition maker on various projects on contemporary visual art, Els Wuyts is co-initiator of Salon Blanc in her home base Ostend.

Els Wuyts: "Beaufort is often on my radar, not only literally - so close to home by the sea, on the dike or on the beach, on squares and in parks, through sculptures from previous editions that are still there - but also thanks to memories of installations that were once there. I am very excited to add an eighth layer to this story. Together with the experienced team at Westtoer and the many partners, I will be very happy to prepare and help shape a new edition of Beaufort."

Behind the scenes preparations for the new edition of Beaufort are in full swing. The opening is planned for March 2024. The exact dates and artistic selection will be announced later. Meanwhile, you can also discover the 40 works of art that were part of past editions and were given a permanent place on the Coast. The Beaufort Sculpture Park grew into a major outdoor exhibition, showcasing iconic works by leading international artists.

photo credit: Irene Laub Gallery en Ann-Sophie Deldycke