Date 03 March 2020

Running routes for art lovers

00 Running routes

Getting fit while soaking up culture? Talk about multitasking!

Via several running routes you can discover the Beaufort Sculpture Park on a trot. If you could do some plogging as you go (collecting waste along the way), we would be much obliged.

There are three running routes: 

Beaufort West - 12.5 km
Beaufort Middle - 4.3 km
Beaufort East - 9.2 km

On the map you can consult the route, get more information about the route and which works of art you will encounter along the way. 

00 5 tips for running on the beach

1. Preparation is key
Before you leave, apply sunscreen and take water with you on the way.

2. Find a quiet moment
Jumping over newly built sandcastles or dodging kites is of course quite a nice challenge, but it is not ideal. Choose a quiet moment for your run, like early in the morning or after sunset.

3. Back winds for the win
Before you start running, take a look at the wind. Wind in the back is a good thing, you can return via the more sheltered dunes.

4. Stay close to the sea
The closer you run to the sea, the firmer and flatter the sand is.

5. Take it easy
Perhaps the most important advice: running on the beach is more tasking for your legs, so take it easy in the beginning. Are you a seasoned beach runner? Then it's fun to make your training more challenging by alternating between running on solid sand and on dry, loose sand further away from the water. Love to feel sand between your toes? Then try running barefoot.