00 On the map

On the map. 

The 30 works of art of the Beaufort Sculpture Park are scattered along the Belgian Coast. How long you want to go out to explore and the number of artworks you want to discover along the way, is entirely up to you. Catch the Coastal Tram, put on your walking shoes or mount your (electric) bike, and set off to discover contemporary art in the scenery of the Belgian Coast. 


00 By bike

By bike.

How about visiting Beaufort by bike? Via the Beaufort cycling routes you can pedal from node to node and discover the works of art all along the cycle network. There are three loops covering the west coast (42,5 km), the central coast (43,6 km)  and the east coast (51,8 km) respectively.

Often, various other works of art are not directly on the cycling paths, but really close by. Want to add them to your route? We’ve added them to the individual loops as 'detours'. By heading for the address or GPS coordinates you can easily find your way.
Please be aware that the east coast cycle route requires you to deviate from the cycle network more frequently. Ideal for adventurous types or those who brought their GPS or smartphone along!


    00 By Coastal Tram

    By Coastal Tram.

    The Coastal Tram is the ideal way to travel from one coastal town to another, and from one artwork to another, without having to worry about traffic jams or parking spots. Along the 67 kilometers of coastline, the tram serves no less than 68 stops between De Panne and Knokke-Heist. On board, you can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of the country.

    A short walk from the nearest tram stop brings you to each work of art. You can find address details and tram info alongside all the artworks on this website. The route planner available on our website (or any online route planner) will help you find your way quickly. The Coastal Tram runs every 10 minutes in summer and every 20 in winter. In spring and autumn as well as during the holidays, you can catch one every 15 minutes. 


    00 The Coast

    At the Coast.

    Seen enough art? Discover the assets and places to be at the Belgian Coast.